Warm Fuzzies

I love event planning. I love the gears in motion, the balls in the air, the pieces of the puzzle fitting together to make a great event.  I love helping my clients by reducing their stress, providing support, easing overwhelm and anxiety.  I love partnering with vendors, creating relationships, and helping to make memories.  I find my work satisfying and I am thankful.

Once in a while, however, my work is even more rewarding than usual.  In the past six years of owning my own business, I have had this extra special feeling a handful of times. Planning charity events for non-profits has always been extra-special for me.  One of my previous jobs was to plan fundraising events for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, so I enjoy that kind of work.  Since starting Pine Hill Events, I have planned many events for non-profits (paid work and as a volunteer) and raising awareness and money for worthy causes still moves me.

But even more moving are events for individuals who are struggling in some way and still want to celebrate.  A few years ago I was honored to be the planner for the marriage of Kim and Frank via the great organization Wish Upon a Wedding.  Frank and Kim both had cancer and didn’t know how much time they would have left together.  I coordinated the vendors (who also generously donated their time and talent), listened to Kim and Frank’s wants and needs, and helped make their dream wedding come to life.  Here’s a link to the video of their engagement shoot.  They were a fun couple and sadly, Frank passed about a year after they were married.  I still keep in touch with Kim. 

One weekend last summer, my heart was touched again.  Pat wanted to celebrate her 50th wedding anniversary to Frank.  Frank has ALS and she wanted to have a party to thank those friends, family and neighbors who have been so good to them during this difficult time.  Confined to a wheelchair, Frank could still eat and could still speak.  So having this get-together before his decline worsened even more was important.  We had the party in a lovely multi-purpose room at Frank’s care center.  Pat enlarged a picture of them on their wedding day.  Their daughter brought music of the era and flowers similar to those her mom carried in her bouquet.  They ate their favorite food from a local restaurant.  They drank cocktails in the afternoon and laughed.  They smiled and celebrated a milestone with those they love, knowing that the future will be difficult. 

I love event planning.  And when my skills can be used to do even more - to touch deeper, to smile wider, to laugh harder – in the face of uncertainty and adversity, I love it more profoundly and more passionately.  Cheers to the Kims and Franks and Franks and Pats.  Cheers to love!

Surprise 50th Birthday Celebration

A surprise party is always an exciting challenge to plan.  This surprise 50th birthday party was pulled off without a hitch and the birthday girl and her friends had an amazing time! This joint 60th wedding anniversary was a hoot to plan. Both couples were so fun and it was a milestone worth celebrating! 

Thank you to Robert Williams Photography for the photos of the event. 


Why Events Are Important

I once heard a morning radio show complaining about too many parties surrounding a wedding – engagement party, bridal shower, and the wedding.  They were saying it’s too many gifts, too much fuss, and too much time.  I understand that they were trying to get callers engaged and to entertain the listeners.  And I can’t completely disagree with their point.  However, I think it is easy to miss the bigger picture.

My point is that these events bring people together to celebrate an occasion.  In troubled times, isn’t it nice to gather with family and friends to celebrate something happy?  In our busy lives, isn’t it nice to take time out to spend time visiting with others, meeting new people, and making memories?  In our digital age, isn’t it refreshing to be live and in-person with other live and in-person people?

A dear friend of mine was planning an event for her husband.  She was having trouble getting people (both friends and family) to attend.  If they were responding to her invitation at all, many were saying the destination is too far, the weather is too iffy, the travel is too expensive, their family is too busy...  She was disappointed that they wouldn’t even try to show their love and appreciation for someone who is so important not just to her, but to them as well, by just showing up.  I understand her frustration.  There is no better way to show that you care than by taking the time and making the effort.  It’s not always about the gifts.  The greatest gift is time spent together.

That is why I love planning events.  For those who make the effort to plan them, and to attend them, it is well worth it in the end.  Whether the events are happy or sad, business or pleasure, fund-raising or friend-raising, events bring people together.  From backyard barbeques to black tie galas - at events connections are made, relationships are forged, and bonds are strengthened.  There is NO substitute for spending time with others.  Cheers!


Why Hire an Event Planner?

To be perfectly honest, you don’t have to. I’ll be the first to tell you – event planning is not rocket science. Many people can plan an event just fine without a professional.

However – in my experience – some people don’t like to, don’t have the time to, or struggle to put the energy in to putting it all together. The details make them crazy and/or they find it overwhelming. They are stressed out about so many other things (event-related or not), that they want or need some help. That is why I’m not an “all or nothing” event planner. You can hire me at any point in the process – whenever you need me.

My clients find comfort in knowing they have a partner in me. So if having a professional who:

  • Has your back
  • Shares your vision
  • Listens
  • Can put all the pieces together
  • Is caring, committed, capable, focused, reliable and responsible

– sounds good, please get in touch with me. I’m always here to help!