Why Hire an Event Planner?

To be perfectly honest, you don’t have to. I’ll be the first to tell you – event planning is not rocket science. Many people can plan an event just fine without a professional.

However – in my experience – some people don’t like to, don’t have the time to, or struggle to put the energy in to putting it all together. The details make them crazy and/or they find it overwhelming. They are stressed out about so many other things (event-related or not), that they want or need some help. That is why I’m not an “all or nothing” event planner. You can hire me at any point in the process – whenever you need me.

My clients find comfort in knowing they have a partner in me. So if having a professional who:

  • Has your back
  • Shares your vision
  • Listens
  • Can put all the pieces together
  • Is caring, committed, capable, focused, reliable and responsible

– sounds good, please get in touch with me. I’m always here to help!